Peeled Paint Effect with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates from Birgit Koopsen

Hello! Birgit here with a fun technique today that
lets you create a peeled paint texture.

All you need is your Gelli Arts® gel printing plate, some
clear tape, and your favorite colors of acrylic paint.

Start with applying a thin layer of paint to your
Gelli Arts® gel printing plate and let it dry.

Then apply strips of clear tape on top of the dried
paint leaving a little bit of space between the strips.

Now apply contrasting colors of paint on top of the
clear tape. When pulling the print the colors from the first layer
will pull up in the open areas, creating different colored lines.

Place your paper on top of the wet paint, rub firmly
and pull the print.

The first print usually is not my favorite one as it is still to clean and doesn’t have much of that peeled paint effect.

But, when you continue pulling prints from the same
tape, little bits of left over paint from previous prints will also pull up,
plus there will be areas where the multiple layers of paint will dry and not
pull up at all. This is what gives that peeled paint look.

So continue printing, varying with colors, and the
prints will get only better!

Extra bonus at the end of your printing session is
some beautiful colored tape that you can use in your mixed media projects.

Thank you for stopping by! Happy printing!


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3 thoughts on “Peeled Paint Effect with Gelli Arts® Printing Plates from Birgit Koopsen”

  1. sewzallsquirrels

    This is so cool. Love the colors you chose for the demo and the textured lolk. Will try this technique. Thanks

  2. I love these prints, and your use of colour. Thanks for the demo. Can you tell me what type of paper you used please? It seems to have a gloss to it?

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