Gelli Arts® Printed Coffee Filter Flowers

Hi there! Its Marsha here today with
a fun summer party decor project that the kids will enjoy making too!

Step 1:

Print with your Gelli Arts® printing plate on a couple of
coffee filters using stencils and acrylic paint.

You will need one
green printed coffee filter and two or three coloured printed coffee filters
per flower.

Step 2:

Stain the gelli® printed coffee filters
with spray inks.

Wet the coffee
filter with a spray bottle of water before you spray on the spray ink. The
water will help the spray ink spread across the coffee filter.

You can stack the
coffee filters you want to have the same colour while spraying. Each new filter
will absorb the excess ink from the already sprayed ones!

Leave the coffee
filters to dry completely.

Step 3:

Fold the coffee
filters into eights (or more) and cut leaf shapes.

Make sure to cut some
larger and some smaller.

Step 4:

Unfold the coffee
filters and stack two or three coloured ones on top of each other.

Turn the flowers
over and put a pom pom in the middle.

Fold the flowers
back over the pom pom.

Secure the pom pom
with wire.

Fold the leaves back
and fluff them until you are happy.

Step 5:

Adhere the flower on
top of a green leafed coffee filter using a glue dot or a hot glue gun.

Step 6:

Use a flower as a
topper for a present, glue them on sticks and make them into a bouquet or
attach them to a piece of string to form a garland!

Happy summer!


Gelli Arts® 12″ x 14″ Printing Plate

4″ Pop-In Soft
Rubber Brayer

Other Items:

Coffee filters

Acrylic paint
(DecoArt Americana)

Stencils (Stencil
Girl Products: Ancient Marks, Amsterdam, Art Deco Wallpaper, Buenos Aires,
Clustered Leaves, Kunst Masken 1, Mesa Verde, Santiago, Toledo, What
s the Point)

Spray bottle with

Spray inks (Ranger
Dylusions, Talens Ecoline)

Pom poms


Glue dots or hot
glue gun

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  1. Thanks, Marsha, for including — among the many pretty stencils you used — my StencilGirl stencil Clustered Leaves. May I have your permission to link to this post from my blogs? If you would like to check them out first, here are the addresses — and Full credit would go to you, of course! Right now I'm hunting for your last name so I can include this, if you give me the go-ahead.

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