Gelli Arts® Printed Valentine Hearts

Hello! Birgit here today with some fun ideas to surprise your loved one!

There are still a couple of weeks until Valentine’s Day so you have enough time to create something nice for your special person.

So get out your Gelli® plate and all the pink and red paints, washi tapes, heart stencils and stamps you can find!

I used sewing pattern paper to print on because it is thin enough to bend around wire but thick enough to not tear. You can also use parchment paper with the same effect.

Start with printing a bunch of first layers. In this first round you don’t have to add any texture from stencils or stamps yet. But of course you can if you like. Use at least 2 or 3 colors to get interesting prints. 

When you have a whole bunch move on to printing the second layer.

I started with adding paint to the Gelli® plate, laying stencils on top and then pull a print.

Then I removed the stencils and pulled a second print on a new piece of background paper.

For some other papers I used stamps. I covered only half of the Gelli® plate with paint, then stamped in that area to lift off the paint and stamped again in the uncovered area to leave the paint on the plate again. This way you get a negative and a positive image of the same stamp. 

Now take some thin, bendable wire and create heart shapes. Create some with a “stem’ at the bottom and some without one.

Cut pieces of printed paper into heart shapes just a little bigger than the wire shapes.

Lay them right side down and apply Matte Medium on the back. Now place the wire heart on top and fold the paper around the wire.

The hearts with a “stem” need a heart on the back too. Cut a heart shape a little smaller than the wire heart and glue it on the back with Matte Medium to cover up the folds and the backside of the paper.

The heart without a stem are now ready to use, for instance on cards.

Use skewers to create heart flowers. Adhere them to the wire hearts with some washi tape, then cover the whole skewer with washi tape.

Now you can display them in a vase or small bottle. Or how about adding them to a bouquet of white tulips?!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

– Birgit


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  1. Sylvia/LittleTreasures

    Thank you for this fun video. I came by way of FB and love this project. Hoping to get some products next visit to the city.

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