Haunted House Gelli Arts® Prints

Hi there! It’s Marsha back again with a couple of haunted print
ideas for Halloween!

As you probably know, whenever there is paint left on the Gelli®
Plate after a first print, you are in for a treat: you get to pull a second,
GHOST print!

For these prints I was lucky enough to play with the brand newGelli Arts® Mini Printing Plate Kits!

There are two new mini kits: one features the 3” round mini plate while the other kit features a 3” hexagon mini plate.

Each kit comes with a round storage case, which is not only handy
to store the mini printing plate in, but it also doubles as a stamping block! Both kits also come with a super fun new texture tool and a piece
of punchinella.

Step 1:

Use the mini kit to stamp a hexagon pattern on a white sheet of

I used Ranger Distress Ink to stamp with. Distress Ink is a
water-based dye ink and it beads up on the Mini Printing Plate. This creates a
cool stamped image with a stippled effect.

Add the ink to the mini printing plate, make marks in the ink with
the texture tool and stamp. Or add ink and stamp through the punchinella.

Leftover ink on the punchinella adds even more interest to the
stamped images.

Don’t ink up the Mini Printing Plate after each stamped image, but
see how many interesting ghost images and colour variations you can create
after the initial ink up.

Watch the video to get a better look at how I created the

Step 2:

Create a couple of spooky masks. I drew the silhouettes of a
house, bats and a couple of ghosts onto cardstock.

The drawings don’t need to be detailed, but it is fun to add a
couple of openings like windows, doors, eye sockets or mouths in each of the

Cut the masks.

Step 3:

Add a layer of paint to a Gelli® Plate of your choice. I used the8″ x 10″ Gelli® PrintingPlate.

Arrange the masks on top of the paint and pull a print onto the
hexagon patterned paper.

Remove the masks, but leave the remaining paint on the plate.

Step 4:

Add a layer of white (or another light paint colour) on top of the
remaining paint on the plate.

Pull a second, ghost print onto black (or dark coloured) paper.

Step 5:

Repeat as often as you want!

Step 6:

Add details to your spookiest prints. Use pens, coloured pencils,
stenciling or stamping!

You can add (blood) splatter by tapping onto a (red) paint marker.

Don’t forget your paint covered masks: they can be awesome
distressed collage elements.

Step 7:

Frame the prints to add to your Halloween decor or use this
technique to create unique and personal party invites!


Gelli Arts®:

(COMING SOON) Gelli Arts®
Mini Printing Plate Kit

8″ x 10″ Gelli®Printing Plate

4″ Pop-In Soft Rubber Brayer


Black and white paper


Stamping ink (Ranger Distress Ink: Black Soot, 

Dusty Concord,
Shaded Lilac, Spiced Marmalade)

Acrylic paint (Royal Talens Amsterdam: Orange Reflex, 

Blue Violet, Titanium White, Ultramarine Violet)

Paint markers (Posca: black, red, white)


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