Gelli Arts® Printed Masks

Today I want to show you
how you can create a complete “painting” using hand made stencils and masks on
the Gelli® plate.

First you have to create
a drawing of the image you want to print and you have to think carefully about
the layers you want to create. I advise you to first try some easy prints to
get the hang of the process as it involves some thinking to get it right.
You could start with 3 or 4 layers and easy shapes before making it a bit more

In this print I worked
with 4 layers. I drew a picture of tulips in a pot.

When your drawing is
done you have to mark the separate shapes with numbers corresponding with the
separate layers.

#1 for the top layer.
These are the shapes that are not overlapped by anything else. They will appear closest to you in the final image.  Then #2 for the
shapes that are only overlapped by #1, #3 for the shapes that are overlapped by
#1 and #2 and so on. Make copies of your drawing for every layer, in this case

From the first copy, cut out all the shapes marked with #1, from the second copy all the shapes marked with
#2 and so on. You have to use a craft knife as you will need both the stencil and the
mask to create your prints. Then place your original drawing underneath the clear gelli® plate.

Start with placing stencil
#1 on top of the gelli® plate, lining it up with the drawing underneath.

Apply the first color,
then remove the stencil.

Now line up the paper
you want to print on exactly with the paper underneath the gelli® plate and pull
the print.

Place stencil #1 back on
the gelli® plate and repeat the previous steps until all the shapes of the first
layer are done.

Once all the shapes of
the first layer are printed you have to mask them with the parts you cut from
the stencil. Use a repositionable adhesive to apply the masks to your print.
Make sure the paint is dry before you do so.

Now it’s time to print
the second layer. Place stencil #2 on the gelli® plate, apply the paint, remove
the stencil and make the print on your masks paper. Again make sure you line up
the paper exactly with the drawing underneath the gelli® plate.

Repeat all the steps for
stencil #2 before you move on to layer #3. Mask both layer #1 and #2 before you
start printing layer #3 and so on.

Repeat this process for
all the layers.

If you like you can add
texture to the different shapes too.

The very last layer will
be your background and then the printing is done.

You can now leave it as
it is and frame it, but of course you can also stamp, doodle, write and paint
on top of your print as you can see in the examples below.

Finally I would like to
show you some paintings from students who took my workshop to show how
versatile this way of working can be. Even the most simple prints can be
beautiful and real pieces of art.

I hope you enjoyed this
process and got inspired! Thank you for stopping by and happy printing!

– Birgit


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12 thoughts on “Gelli Arts® Printed Masks”

  1. Oh boy, I had so much fun with this in person class from Birgit! I 100% totally sucked at this LOL! I will however give it another chance, txs for the video Birgit! Groetjes Nancy & Vincent

  2. Birgit you are a Gelli Genius! Looks like a lot of work…but the results are awesome. Combines love of Gelli printing with puzzles.

  3. susan berkowitz, slp

    These are fabulous! The video really helped me 'get it.' Love the cats, and the ladies in front of the fence. Great!

  4. barbara macaskill

    OMG!! This is totally amazing!! I am hoping to give this a try this weekend!! Not sure I will be able to keep all the steps straight in my pea brain but dying to give it a try!!! Thanks for sharing this and I am keeping my fingers crossed super tight in hopes of being the lucky winner!! Thanks for the chance to!

  5. I never never expected that these things are possible to do with the gelli plate. I do like it very much. It's amazing with what you guys come with over and over again. I'm so suprised that I have to try this one day!!! ThanX for sharing and I will be watching the blog over and over again.

  6. Thankyou Birgit for your clear, step-by-step instruction. I recentlly did a gelliplate day course, and came home still not confident about the steps we were shown and tried out.So now I can follow your instructions! I was also pleased to read that experimenting at the beginning, before attempting too much structured assembly was something I realised too. Ciao! Ellen

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