Gelli Arts® Printed Suncatcher

Hi there! It’s Marsha back again with another sunny craft idea for

Watch my video to get a better idea of how it works:

These colourful suncatchers feature the packing tape transfer
technique. Instead of covering the Gelli® Plate with acrylic paint and pulling
prints from the wet paint, you build layers of paint, letting them dry on the
plate before removing them using packing tape or clear contact paper.

Each layer of paint needs to dry completely before you can add
another, so depending on the amount of layers, there will be more or less
‘waiting for paint to dry’ time involved.

When you want to try this technique with kids, I suggest you use
the fastest drying acrylic paint you have in your stash and try and keep the
paint layers as thin as possible.

You can of course use the drying time to cut a few DIY craft foam
stamps. Or you can choose to work on the different paint layers over the course
of a couple of days.

Step 1:

Gather the acrylic paint colours, stamping tools and stencils you
want to use.

Step 2:

Apply paint to the plate of your choice. I started out with the 8”
x 10” Gelli® Plate because my largest photo frame was 8” x 8” and I chose the
5” x 7” plate for the smaller transfers.

When you are done with the first layer of paint, leave it to dry
completely. Once dry you can (finger)paint, stamp and stencil more paint on

The drying time ensures that you do not unintentionally smear the
paint marks you’ve just made and it also saves the background from turning a
shade of mud.

Step 3:

Once you are happy with all the coloured layers, it’s time for one
last paint layer: the real art work.

I chose black paint for the final layer because I wanted my
transfer to mimic the look of stained glass. 

You can finger paint a pattern or you can paint the outlines of
your favourite pet or object.

Step 4:

Now the paint needs to dry thoroughly, overnight if possible.

Step 5:

Cut a sheet of contact paper to the size of your Gelli® Plate and
adhere it on top of the painted layers. Burnish it well with an old plastic
(gift) card. Then pull it from the plate just like you would pull a print.

Stick the contact paper transfer onto a transparency. You can also
adhere it directly onto the glass in the photo frame, but I found this easier
to handle.

Step 6:

Get two (inexpensive) photo frames of the same size. Remove the
(plexi)glass from one of the frames and discard the frame.

Place the contact paper transfer in the other frame and replace
the back piece with the (plexi)glass from the first frame.

Step 7:

If you want to hang the suncatcher, screw two hooks into the frame
and attach a chain or sturdy nylon cord to the hooks.

Step 8:

Find the suncatcher a nice window and enjoy the colourful view!


Gelli Arts®

Gelli® Plate 8” x10”and 5” x 7”

4″ Pop-In Soft Rubber Brayer

Stencils that are part of the Student Printing Plate Kit


Acrylic paint (Deco Art Americana, Brilliant Red, Calypso Blue, 

Dragon Fruit, Foliage Green, Indian Turquoise, Lamp (Carbon) Black, 

Green, Tangelo Orange, Yellow Light, Sea Aqua, 

Snow (Titanium) White, Wisteria)

Clear contact paper or packing tape


Inexpensive photo frames (two of the same size for each

Craft foam


Craft knife


Cosmetic sponge

Old plastic (gift) card

Optional: Screw-hooks and chain or nylon cord

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