Gelli® Plate Printing Without a Brayer!

Change can be a good thing when it comes to the creative
process. So instead of using a brayer to apply paint to the Gelli® plate, let’s
change it up and use a palette knife and various scrapers! Watch this video demonstrating
monoprinting with this fun and expressive method for painting the plate.

Applying paint to your Gelli® plate using alternative tools—such
as a palette knife, old credit card or a smooth silicone scraper—gives you the
opportunity to make unique marks.

Using a palette knife or other scraping tools for paint
application opens up your printmaking experience to a different and expressive
way of creating images. You can apply paint—and scrape some away. The edge of
the tool is great for making thin lines and interesting marks.

When doing this process—keep in mind that any blobs of paint on
the plate will squish out when printed and can form a thick splat on your
print. If that’s not your intention (and it may be!)—check the painted surface
for blobs and deal with them before placing your printing paper on the plate to
pull your print.

It’s fun to take your time developing an image on the gel
plate—but you’ll want to use paint that has a longer open time. I love using
Golden Open Acrylics for this process so I can work slowly and be more
intentional in creating an image. Adding Golden Open Mediumto any acrylic
paint will extend its working time. And remember—prints with thick areas of
Open paint take much longer to dry.

Along with using slow-drying paint comes another advantage.
There’s usually enough wet paint left on the plate after the first pull to
create a vibrant ghost print!

If working fast is more your style—using a palette knife to
apply paint can be a fast and easy way to do it. Swiping paint onto the plate
and quickly working in some spontaneous marks can result in free and wonderful

In addition to palette knives, silicone tools—such as ColourShapers and Catalyst Blades—are wonderful tools for adding to and removing
paint from the plate and making marks.

While applying paint on the plate with a palette knife—experiment
with mixing your own colors! Blending colors or swiping two or more colors
together can create lush and painterly results! Keep the color wheel in mind to
avoid making mud when mixing colors on the plate. Analogous colors (next to
each other on the color wheel) mix together harmoniously.

Combs offer another type of mark-making that compliments the
process of adding and subtracting paint from the plate. The Gelli Arts® Printing Tools are especially wonderful because of their size and the nice
bold marks you can make!

Double the fun by including more than one plate size in this
process! Here I’ve stamped a 3″x5″ plate onto an 8″x10″
print—adding new layers. So easy! Place 3″x5″ index cards on the wet
painted plate before printing— for convenient masks. The masked areas are
perfect spots for stamping with a 3″x5″ plate!

The prints created in the video are printed on Strathmore Bristol Smooth Surface paper. The paper has a nice heavy weight and the smooth
surface shows every detail beautifully.

You can see demonstrations in a few earlier blogs that show how
using a paintbrush instead of a brayer is another great way to create prints
without a brayer— (here—Painterly Layers), (here—The Painterly Monotype) and (here—Combed Prints & Watercolor). When brushstrokes
are evident in prints, they show your hand in the process. Same goes for the
swipes of a palette knife and other marks you leave on the plate. Distinctly

As you can see—putting your brayer aside and experimenting with
palette knives and scrapers can broaden your monoprinting experience and bring
new excitement to the process! It’s always exciting to try new techniques.
Change is good!


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Luck and Happy Printing!

Products Used in this Blog!

Gelli® 8×10 Plate
3×5 Gelli® Plate
Golden Open Acrylics
Golden OPEN Acrylic Medium (Matte)
Catalyst Wedges

Strathmore 9”x12” Bristol smooth surface 100 lb. paper
Blick Blue Comfort Grip Painting Knife
Gelli® Round Printing Tools
Gelli®  Square Printing Tools

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    for this oppertunity. Although my sign in first name entering the contest is cheryl , chawa is my Google name, just to clarify

  12. Thank You ***
    for this oppertunity. Although my sign in first name entering the contest is cheryl , chawa is my Google name, just to clarify

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