DIY Gelli® Print Glass Paperweights!

The month of June ushers in more
than just the promise of good weather. It’s host to all sorts of gift-giving
events! We have Father’s Day, graduations, teacher appreciation gifts,
weddings, bridal parties, and festive gatherings of all kinds.

Thinking about gifts for these
occasions? Here’s a simple, quick DIY gift that’s perfect for ALL of them beautiful glass paperweights!

The best part? You can use your
Gelli® papers (and scraps!) to create individual, personalized glass paperweight
gifts — handcrafted for each special person or event!

On the website, you’ll find an inspiring selection of clear glass
paperweight blanks that make ideal gifts — a great
project for using your Gelli Arts® printed papers. Based on my
experiences with PhotoWeights® — the service is fast,
friendly and helpful. The website also offers excellent ideas and instructions,
so take a look.

The paperweight blanks from
PhotoWeights come as a kit, ready to assemble. Along with the clear glass
paperweight, each kit comes with a self-adhesive mounting board and a
self-adhesive bottom pad. A printed card with full instructions is also
included. You supply the art, and you’re good to go!

To create your paperweight:

  1. Clean the glass paperweight. Be sure it’s free of dust and fingerprints.
  2. Select your Gelli® print, or create a collage using Gelli® papers and scraps. Depending on the depth of the recessed area in your paperweight — you may also add dimensional objects.
  3. Remove the protective paper from the mounting board and place your print or collage face-up onto the self-adhesive side.
  4. Trim the print around the edge with scissors — to the size of the mounting board.
  5. Place the mounting board (image-side showing through the glass) into the recessed area on the bottom of the paperweight.
  6. Remove the protective paper from the bottom (velvet-like) pad and carefully center on the bottom of the paperweight. Gently press into place — then firmly press around the edges to create a good seal. That’s it — you’re done!

TIP:  Different
style paperweights have recessed areas of varying depths (which are listed in
the specs for each style) — so keep that in mind as you make
your selection. If you want to create a collage with dimensional
embellishments, or display an object — make
sure you select a paperweight blank that’s deep enough to accommodate your
piece. Happily, all of the styles can be used with Gelli® prints!

Having a special party and
planning to use place-cards? How about creating a paperweight for each table
setting instead with the guest’s name on it! Not only will it look fabulous on
the table, but each one is a meaningful keepsake and a lasting memory of your
event for your guests to take with them. Every Gelli® print is unique, and
they’ll add a truly creative touch to your table.

Maybe you simply want to say
‘thank you’ for a favor. Or commemorate a birthday or anniversary. Or surprise
someone with a random act of kindness. A personal paperweight memento made from
your prints is such a nice and thoughtful way to do that. It’s such a beautiful
way to share your art!

As great as these are as gifts,
you hardly need an occasion to make a paperweight. You may want to have a few
in your studio to help organize piles of collage papers. They’re an inspiration
to look at — they add an artful presence to any room.

And you can never have too many!
Put a few together and you have an instant ‘collection’. So if you have a spot
in your studio or your home you’d like to personalize, this offers another way
to display your art as beautiful objects!

For those of you with Etsy shops,
or selling your printed works — paperweights showcasing your
artwork offers another item you may want to sell!

And think beyond paper — here’s a great opportunity to use your Gelli® prints on fabric!

Making paperweights is a project
with a huge range of possibilities — from
real simple to intricate — depending on how involved you
want to get in each piece. If you’ve created ATC’s, then you’re already
familiar with working in this approximate size range. Definitely fun!!

You’ll love the way your Gelli® prints look under glass — all
glossy and vibrant! What a fabulous and lasting way to show off your prints!
These are keepers!!

Remember, we now have Gelli ® partners all over the world, so it’s easier than ever to find a Gelli® retailer near you!

Have Fun and Happy Printing!

Materials Used in Today’s Blog:

Gelli Arts®
Printing Plate

Paperweight Kit 

11 thoughts on “DIY Gelli® Print Glass Paperweights!”

  1. How lovely these are and what a good idea. Off to see if I can find these paper weights in the UK!

  2. Thanks for today's post. I picked up some heart shaped paperweights on a whim a year ago. Now I gave something to do with them! Great idea!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Wonderful idea, but the paperweights at the website given are a bit pricey. I'm going to shop around and see if I can find some locally to avoid the shipping costs. Thanks for a great idea.

  4. I would make two paperweights. One for my friend who is in recovery and one for me out of parts of all the Gelli cards I have sent her.

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