Dropshadow Technique with Gelli® Plates & ScanNCut Stencils & Masks!

You almost have to wonder if the ingenious folks at Brother had
Gelli Arts® printing in mind when they created their amazing ScanNCut cutting machine! These pair together like they were made for each other! Watch this
video and see custom-designed ScanNCut stencils and masks in action with the
6×6″ Square and the new 4″ and 6″ Round Gelli® plates!

The first thing that happens when unboxing the ScanNCut is an
overwhelming feeling of excitement and possibilities! All the stencil and mask
designs you can dream up are now at your fingertips!

Brother says:  “See
it. Scan it. Cut it. Create it.” And it’s TRUE!!! Imagine turning your own
drawings, computer-generated designs, and patterns that come in the ScanNcut
machine, into stencils and masks! It’s the ultimate in immediate gratification!

An essential feature of the ScanNCut is its ability to size, or
scale, your design before you cut it. That’s such a great thing when you’re
working with different-sized Gelli® plates! I was able to create unique masks
designed to use with the 4″ and 6″ Round plates! Talk about

The stencil material I use is Grafix Edge Stencil Film, which
comes on a roll (20″ x 25′). I went ahead and cut a stack of 10″
squares on my cutting mat with a rotary cutter and quilting ruler. It’s great
to have plenty of pre-cut stencil film ready to use.

I also cut stencils and masks from 110 lb. heavy card stock — and
while it’s not as durable as the stencil film, it works great!

There’s good news too for those of you who prefer to skip the design
step and dig right in. The ScanNCut comes with over 600 built-in images for you
to use. So you don’t have to draw the images if that’s not your inclination. I
had a great results creating stencil patterns using some of the design elements
that come in the machine!

The ScanNCut has so many features and functions it would be
impossible for me to explain it all in this blog post. But I can direct you to
the fabulous and talented artist, Julie Balzer, who is an official Brother spokesperson
for ScanNCut. Julie has numerous excellent instructional videos online — in
which she clearly explains different features — and inspiring and
creative ways to use the ScanNCut. Julie’s enthusiasm got me hooked!

And if you’re looking for additional how-to info, you’ll find
loads of other video tutorials from Brother International Corporation, paper crafters, and quilters

Now I’d like to share a fun little technique that’s great to use
with stencils and masks! Making a drop shadow image!

The following instructions are for stamping with your gel plate
(mounted on acrylic blocks):

Here’s how:

  1. Roll a mid-value paint color onto the plate and
    print onto your substrate.
  2. Place stencil on the printed area.
  3. Roll a dark paint onto the gel plate.
  4. Print the dark paint through the ‘holes’ in
    stencil or mask using the gel plate as a stamp. Remove stencil. Let paint dry.
  5. Place same stencil over the previous impression,
    aligning the stencil holesthen move the stencil over about an
    1/8 of an inch and up a little.
  6. Roll a light value paint onto the gel plate and
    stamp again over the stencil. This creates the drop shadow effect! And it’s so

What a great way to add a dimensional look to your stencil image!
Easy and fun!

NOTE:  The stencils I
created from the rolled film have a bit of curl to them. You’ll notice in the
video that the curl can make it a little trickier to get exact placement before
stamping over them. Stencil material is available in flat sheets, and might be
a little easier to work with.

The prints in the video were all made using Blick Matte Acrylics. They work beautifully for layering to achieve the drop shadow images.
And their matte finish makes it easy to work back into the print with colored pencils, markers, pastels, and collage.

So far, I’ve focused on making stencils and masks for gel printing. But the ScanNCut opens up a whole universe for creative cutting to
make whatever gel printed paper and fabric project you
can imagine!

If I sound like a serious ScanNCut enthusiast, it’s because I am!
I’m not a paid spokesperson — I just love the endless world of
possibilities this machine presents! Both for monoprinting — and
way beyond!


Have you sensed by now that something SPECIAL is brewing for our

If you’ve guessed it’s a Brother ScanNCut…you guessed RIGHT!!!

Thanks to our wonderful and generous friends at Brother International Corporation for
providing a ScanNCut machine we’ll have the enormous pleasure of
sending it to one VERY lucky winner!

And a Gelli Arts® Giveaway wouldn’t be complete without Gelli® plates!

Ready for our Grand Prize

Enter our Special ScanNCut and Gelli Arts® Gel
Printing Plate Giveaway below. Check out all the options for entering the
random drawing and choose one OR choose all the ways to enter!

Multiple entries allowed!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We’re as excited as you are about this AMAZING opportunity to win


Remember, we now have Gelli® partners all over the world, so it’s easier than ever to find a Gelli® retailer near you! 

Happy Printing and Good

Product Used In Today’s Blog:

Brother ScanNCut
Cutting Machine
6×6″ Gelli® Plate
4″ Round Gelli® Plate
6″ Round Gelli® Plate
Grafix Edge Stencil Film
Rotary Cutter
Quilting Ruler
110 lb HeavyCardstock Paper
Acrylic Blocks
Blick Matte Acrylics

500 thoughts on “Dropshadow Technique with Gelli® Plates & ScanNCut Stencils & Masks!”

  1. If I won, I would use these fabulous tools for making cards and for art quilts. Oh, and for making things for my garden (decorating planters, etc.). Oh, and home decor. Oh, and journaling. And other art projects. And custom and upcycled clothing. And . . . and . . . and . . . (Can you tell I really want to win??!!)

  2. Such great tutorial videos and what fun it is to create in so many different ways with my gelli plates. I am astounded that there would be an actual give away for this incredible Brother ScanNCut machine. If it's a Brother – it's fantastic – household name here for years! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter. j.

  3. Such great tutorial videos and what fun it is to create in so many different ways with my gelli plates. I am astounded that there would be an actual give away for this incredible Brother ScanNCut machine. If it's a Brother – it's fantastic – household name here for years! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter. j.

  4. I'd use it with my nieces to make amazing books, posters, dioramas, and cards! Also in my art journal, where I've been playing a bit with the smaller rectangular Gelli Plate!

  5. OMG, what a great give away! Just can't wait to cut my own stencils exactly the size of my gelliplates in the style I want. Would keep me from bankruptcy when I don't have to buy stencils anymore…. Gelliplates are my favorite toys! 😃

  6. I have made several stencils, primarily large shapes like silhouettes because I have to cut them by hand. The Scan n Cut would open up so many more possibilities.

  7. Quelle créativité…des pochoirs à l'infini donc !!!! Superbe machine et chouette vidéo !!
    J'adore….Merci du partage, bise

  8. What a prize bonanza! I hope lady luck is smiling on me. The creative ideas are swirling in my head right now.

  9. Melody Strahan

    Such a wonderful give-away! I would love to win it! I would cut a bunch of stencils, and gelli my brains out!

  10. I would use the Scan N Cut for scrapbooking, cards and art journalling. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this giveaway.

  11. This would be the ultimate birthday present for ME! I would love to win this prize and begin using it immediately in my mixed media works and card making. I really like the idea of making my own stencils and figuring out new ways to use the machine.

  12. Awesome givaway! ♥♥♥ I would be making lots of really cool stencils to use with my Gelli plate for my cardmaking 🙂

  13. TangledBlueRose

    Thanks for a chance! I would love to cut my own stencils and add fun elements to my canvas projects!~kim

  14. Julie-Anne McDonald

    As an art quilter I am always looking for ways to make my own fabrics to work with. I can endless possibilities are waiting to happen with Scan and Cut and Gelli.

  15. What a wonderful offer! I have several scrapbooking/paper crafting machines, but none as amazing as this ScanNCut!! It would be a delightful addition to my Gelli Printing! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  16. This looks like an interesting way to cut applique pieces as well as make easy to use templates to do embroidery designs and cutwork. Labels embroidery and applique would probably be where I would start if I won one.

  17. Wow!!!! If I won there would be no end to the things I could make with this combo! I can think of 100's of awesome projects!

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  21. If I won this contest I would be making lots of arty goodness for everyone I know. There is nothing better than a Gelli plate and some stencils! I'd be in Gelli Heaven! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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