Stamping with Round Gelli® Plates on a Silk Scarf!

Looking for a perfect substrate for stamping with 4″,6″ and 8″ Round Gelli® plates? I found one I’m really excited about!!

It’s a blank 8mm habotai silk scarf measuring — 14″x72″ — from
Dharma Trading Company! They offer a fabulous variety of options, and this size
is exactly what I was looking for.

The sheer and lightweight habotai silk (also known as ‘China
silk’) is easiest to print on if you first stabilize it by ironing the scarf
onto freezer paper. And because this scarf is 6 feet long — you
can easily roll up the freezer paper and unroll as you work on sections.

I used plastic clips to keep the scarf neatly rolled up while I
worked on one area at a time.

To stamp with a Gelli® plate, place the plate on an acrylic block
or sheet. Clear mounts let you place your imprint where you want it. I use an
8-1/2 x 11 inch acrylic box frame to mount my 8″ round Gelli® plate. It
works great for stamping! The gel plates will stay in place on their acrylic mounts until you remove them.

Maintaining the soft hand of the silk fabric is important for the
scarf to drape nicely. There are paints specifically made for painting on silk,
but they are very thin and tend to bead up on the gel plate — so
they don’t work well for monoprinting or stamping.

I used DecoArt’s SoSoft Fabric Paint and find it leaves the
fabric nice and soft. However, it’s important not to use a thick application of
paint. This is not the ideal project for layered paint techniques. If paint
builds up on the sheer fabric, it changes the hand.

Instead of rolling a layer of paint on the gel plate with a
brayer as I usually do, I painted thin layers with a flat brush. I love the
look of loose brushstrokes in the circle images! And it’s so much fun blending
colors and swirling brushstrokes — going in circles!

All marks and designs on the painted gel plate were made using
the following tools:

The result is a painterly look, which works nicely with the soft

This is a fast and fun process. Here are the steps — Easy
as 1-2-3!!

  1. Brush fabric paint onto the gel plate with
    painterly brushstrokes.
  2. Make subtractive marks in the wet paint with
    combs and soft-tipped tools.
  3. Stamp the painted plate onto the fabric.

I worked from one end of the scarf to the mid-point — then
started at the other end and worked back to the middle. But if you prefer, you
can easily work from one end to the other. Using the three round plate sizes
makes it especially easy to fit the circle images together into a harmonious
design. And variation in the circle sizes adds visual interest to the overall


To keep your colors clean while brushing them onto the plate — use
analogous colors. Those are the ones that are next to each other on the color

Another simple, but sometimes overlooked, tip for clean colors is
to give your brush a good rinse before switching colors. It’s amazing how
quickly colors can turn to mud if you don’t.

For this project — after each print — I
wiped the plate with a spritz of water and a paper towel to remove any residual
paint on the plate. It only takes a second and helps keep the colors clean and

SoSoft Paints don’t require heat-setting — and they dry
quickly so you can keep moving on to the next area.

You’ll notice for this project I chose not to overlap the circle
imprints. Mostly, because I wanted the design to feature individual circles!
But also, I wanted to avoid overlapping images where layered paint might build
up and alter the hand of the fabric.

After the scarf is gel printed — it’s done and ready
to wear!

Now isn’t this the perfect Spring accessory! A beautiful and
breezy handprinted scarf! Go ahead and make one…or a few…and remember, it’s
a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!!

Remember, we now
have Gelli® partners all over the world,
so it’s easier than ever to find a Gelli® retailer near you! 

Have Fun and Happy Printing!

Products used in today’s blog:

4″ Round

Gelli® Plate

6″ Round

Gelli® Plate

8″ Round

Gelli® Plate

8mm Haboti

Silk Scarf

Reynold’s Freezer


Plastic Clips

6″ x 6″ Acrylic 


8.5″ x 11″ Acrylic

Picture Frame

DecoArt’s SoSoft

Fabric Paints

Catalyst Contours 

and Wedges

Princeton Brush 

6250 Series #6 Flat

Colour Shapers

Size 6 Firm

Palette Knives

DIY Eraser Cap


51 thoughts on “Stamping with Round Gelli® Plates on a Silk Scarf!”

  1. sewzallsquirrels

    AAhh, Ms Phrenology head, you look marvelous and you, Ms Joan, as well. Nice project. Thanks

  2. Gracious! That scarf is scrumptious! I am afraid that I might make hundreds of them. This is a dangerous new idea and I'm very excited about it. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Stephanie Mass

    I would love to know how much paint you went through to do this project. I would like to do this with a group of 5 kids. Curious if the paint went very far

    1. A friend and I just did this project and the paint went pretty far because you apply it thinly. We kept some hand sanitizer nearby to make cleaning the plate quick and easy between printings, too.

  4. I would love to try my hand with this medium. I love the bright colors and am intrigued with the scarf! What fun.

  5. looks like a really fun item! I would love to win this for crafts at Vacation Bible school this year!

  6. Wow, this looks incredible! I would craft cards, art, projects with the kids and so much more! Sincerely, Jamie Arnold.

  7. What an amazing idea! This would be great for gifts with Mother's Day coming up next month – Mom, Grandma, my aunts, cousins and friends would all be delighted with what I could make them with this wonderful tool!
    Margaret E. Jordan

  8. This would be so much fun to use with my daughter, who just took printmaking at college. She's the art major with all the know how. I'm the mother that just likes spending time with her.

  9. I would gather up my very artistic Granddaughter and we would make so many projects together it would look like Christmas! Thank you!

  10. My Sister is a Foster Mom to 3 children. She is also an elementary school teacher. She absolutely loves sharing crafting with all her kids. If I won, I would give this to her and I know there could never be anyone more appreciative or thrilled to receive it.

  11. Thanks for all of the great ideas! Combining media and tools to come up with one of a kind creations is right up my alley! Thanks!

  12. I would love to win ad learn this new craft so many ideas and love the mixture of colors, as a drapery professional I loved mixing prints sot mixing these colors interest me so much.


  14. Hi love your work. I would love to win this wonderful machine it does so much more than I thought. Thanks for the giveaway and a chance.

  15. Hi! I have some questions not related, but couldn't find another way for help:-). I just used my Gelli plate for the first time today. Yes, I'm totally inexperienced, and watching the tutorials, everything seems so easy; however, my brayer keeps slipping in the paint, paint is running off the sides, and I'm not getting good, even coverage like I see in the tutorials. In regards to paint dripping off sides I would think it's because of too much paint. The same goes for the brayer sliding in the paint, and roller not spinning. I used a lot of paint because it was drying so fast and I wasn't getting good, smooth coverage. So, what am I doing wrong? Why is it not working like the tutorials I watch? You guys are so talented and I'm repeating myself, but you make it appear as if I could just take out of package and make awesome prints. Maybe I should just give up? Ok, thanks for your time and help!!

    1. Hi Christina – thanks for your note! Using too much paint can cause the brayer to slip, as you've described. Less paint will work better. If you find your paint drying too fast, adding an 'open' or 'slow-drying' medium will help. Glazing medium will slow the drying time also. Keep trying!! 🙂

  16. I would do art projects with my granddaughter of her choosing on the weekends. She is very creative and always likes to try something new. This would be awesome.

  17. If I won this incredible and wonderful machine, I would first use it for embroidery and applique. It is fantastic all the things it can do. I love the scanning option to line up what needs to be cut!! I've been working with polymer clay and want to work on it cutting through thin cooked polymer clay. I don't know much about Gelli plates, but I love to learn new crafts! Thanks for the fun opportunity. Kerri Crawford

  18. I love the gelli plates ! The tutorials that you share have helped me to do much more with it then I ever thought that I could !! If I won the scan and cut I would use it to cut masks to use with the gelli plate on fabric for sewing, embroidery and my bead work as well !

  19. What a fabulous giveaway! I work in mixed media and love to use stencils for my background patterns. I love playing with my gelli plate and make papers to use in my collages. This would add just another fun way to play!

  20. This is a wonderful giveaway!! I love mixed media & work a lot with gelli plates, it would be fabulous to have a scan n cut to add another dimension to my art work!!

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