Gelli Arts® Stamping: Layered Circles!

WOW! Gelli ® plates in three ROUND sizes!! Triple the fun for stamping circle prints! Watch this
fast-paced video showing the 4″, 6″ and 8″ round plates in action — on an art journal spread
with layered, overlapping circle stamped images! 

Our round plate news is out! And the verdict is in! The new 4″ and 6″ round Gelli® plates are
irresistible! Use them along with our 8″ round plate — and take circle imagery to a whole new

You may have already seen that Gelli ® plates function perfectly as stamps when placed on
an acrylic block or acrylic sheet. 

Once the Gelli® plate is on an acrylic block, apply paint to the gel surface and roll into a
smooth layer with a brayer. Make your marks in the wet paint and press onto your surface
to stamp your image. It’s that easy!

When using a stencil, it’s easiest to place it directly on your substrate. Stamp your painted
Gelli® plate right over it — then pick up your gel plate and remove the stencil. The stencil
may stick to the gel plate, so don’t be surprised if both come off together.

The real excitement in stamping with your Gelli® plate is how easy it is to layer the printed
images! Aligning each imprint is simple because you can see through the clear mount. 

There’s no guesswork in overlapping images when you stamp your Gelli® plates onto your surface.
Place your circle imprints right where you want them! Overlapping circle prints create a dimensional
appearance — with some in front and others in back.

Use your favorite acrylic paints — with any techniques and texture tools of your choice — to
create dynamic stamped layers. Have a blast covering large areas with layered images using
the 3 different size gel plates! Stamp up an entire spread in your art journal, or a piece of
fabric, or a large art board or canvas. Go WILD!!!

In the video, I’m filling a spread in a Strathmore Watercolor Art Journal (7.75 in. x 9.75 in.) with
layered, stamped circle images. The 140 lb. cold-press paper holds up beautifully to the layers of
acrylic paint! It lays flat when open, so it’s a great journal for gel stamping.

And, it’s a perfect surface for adding watercolor or paint pen doodles — especially if you leave
some blank (negative) space between some of your circles to work back into. Derwent’s Graphik Line Painter 0.5 markers produce a juicy thin line of paint — and can also be used for
splatter and drip techniques!  

Stamping circles is beyond fun — it’s totally addicting! Each stamped circle is layered with
another! And those are overlapped with more circles — and more layers! The journal
spread gives me room to keep going! That’s a good thing — because I CAN’T STOP!!!

Looking for a fabric project? Be sure to check out my previous blog post tutorial for making
a circle-stamped pillow. You’ll also find more information there about stamping
layered circle prints.


Winner is Ami G!

Gelli Arts® is ‘printing in circles’ and we couldn’t be happier! To share the joy, we have a thrilling GIVEAWAY
to start one of you printing in circles too!!

The Prize Kit includes: 

To enter the giveaway, click on the red “ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE” button below! (This will
ensure that we can contact the winner and that entries are limited to one per person. One
winner will be selected from all the entries via a random number generator to receive this
very special giveaway!) 

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, March 24th at 5pm. Our lucky winner will be contacted by email
and announced here on the blog and on our Facebook page no later than Wednesday, March 25th at 12pm. 



Remember, we now have Gelli ® partners all over the world, so it’s easier than ever to find a
Gelli® retailer near you! 

Good Luck and Happy Printing!

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