Mixed Media Collage with Gelli Arts® Prints

I’ve been having some fun with the new ‘Media’ product line from
DecoArt. In addition to the Fluid Acrylics artist paints, there’s Gesso,
Modeling Paste, Texture Sand Paste, Crackle Paste, Crackle Paint, Antiquing
Cream and several Varnish finishes. I love that the Modeling Paste and Gesso
are available in black and white! All of these products are great to work with and
can be combined with Gelli ® prints to create finished art!

Mixed media collages are a great way to use your Gelli® prints!
Here’s how to make this one:

To create these small pieces, I began with nine 4″ square
Blick Canvas Panels. You can also use mat board, book board or chip board as
your substrate. The Gelli® prints were selected from my stack of previously
printed paper. The Gelli® prints used in this piece were all printed on Staples
Card Stock 110 lb.

This mixed media collage has a Fall theme and incorporates dried,
pressed leaves and skeleton leaves. Your collage can follow any theme… or
none!  The gel prints you select
can determine the direction your piece takes.

To create the background texture effects on the small canvases:

  1. Cut or punch a
    3″ circle shape out of sturdy plastic stencil material to create a mask.
  2. Place a piece of
    removable double-stick tape in the center of the circle mask to keep it in
    place on the canvas square. The mask is centered on the 4″ square.
  3. Use a palette
    knife to apply molding paste, gesso, crackle paste or crackle paint around the
    mask. Each of these can create a variety of effects. Press textures into the
    wet molding paste or gesso, or swipe lines into it with a comb.
  4. Carefully remove
    the mask and allow to dry completely. (Repeat this process on each small canvas, using different pastes
    and texture tools for variety)
  5. Paint the dry
    canvases with black paint—getting into all the crevasses. Let
  6. Apply paint and
    antiquing cremes. Add and wipe off in layers until you get the look you want.
  7. Paint the masked
    circle area of the canvas with gold metallic paint.

To create the small round collages:

  1. Select several
    previously Gelli Arts® printed papers. (Note: These Gelli® print circles were
    over-dyed with Ranger Distress Stains to eliminate any white areas of the
  2. Cut or punch a
    3″ circle from the Gelli® prints for each small canvas (9 circles). 
  3. To give your
    circle print some dimension, cut a 3″ circle out of heavyweight fusible
    interfacing and iron to fuse a circle print to it. This is optional.
  4. If desired, use a
    metallic paint marker to make a fine gold line around the cut edge of each circle
  5. Arrange collage
    material (dried leaves) on each circle print. Glue into place using matte
    medium. Let dry.
  6. Use a soft brush
    to apply a coat of Ultra-Matte Varnish on each complete collage.

To create the textured background canvas panel (15x15):

  1. Apply modeling
    paste with a palette knife to a canvas board. Spread over the entire surface.
  2. Press or stamp
    various textures into the wet paste. Allow to dry completely.
  3. Apply paint and
    antiquing cream to the textured surface and work into all the crevasses.
  4. Apply paints and
    antiquing cremes in layers, wiping some off and adding more until you’ve
    achieved the look you want. Let dry.
  5. Coat with
    Ultra-Matte Varnish to seal the surface.

Note:  The canvas
panel used for this piece was cut down to 15x15 from
a larger canvas.

To complete the piece:

Arrange and adhere the small square canvas collages to the large
canvas board with an appropriate adhesive, such as tacky glue. Let dry.

Done and ready for framing!

Have fun complimenting your Gelli® prints with modeling paste,
texture paste, crackle paste and gesso to make fabulous mixed media collages!

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53 thoughts on “Mixed Media Collage with Gelli Arts® Prints”

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