Gelli Arts® Printing with DIY Combs

Combs make such interesting patterns in Gel prints! Watch this video to see how easy it is to make your own combs from everyday materials!

Using combs ranks among my favorite methods for creating patterns and mark-making in 

monoprinting. In fact, I’ve included several examples in my new book, Gelli® Plate Printing, demonstrating how to make your own combs.

The comb is an effective tool for creating dynamic lined patterns. There are many durable 

materials that you can easily cut teeth into to create a comb tool. The fun is in making a bunch of custom combs that can produce an assortment of different lines and widths.

Among my favorite combs are those made from eraser caps! Placing the eraser cap on a 

pencil first makes it easier to handle while cutting. Work on a cutting surface, and use a craft knife to cut tiny V-shaped notches in the tip of the eraser. This creates a versatile mini-comb! Try using it for making cross-hatch marks… and all kinds of gestural swipes! Gotta love those tiny lines! Great for making gestural lines and marks!

TIP: It’s best to avoid letting acrylic paint dry on this tool, but if it does, use your craft knife to carve out any dried paint that may become clogged between the comb’s teeth.

Erasers are perfect for turning into combs! Simply cut notches out of the edge of an eraser 

with a craft knife—and you’re good to go! If you carve your own stamps, you may have some left-over carving material. That’s perfect for making combs too!

Old credit cards, hotel keys and other laminated plastic cards are great for making into combs and scrapers! Sharp scissors are a good choice for making your cuts. But avoid making pointy teeth, as they could scratch the surface of the Gelli® plate.

Another fun method for making combs is to use decorative edge scissors on a piece of cardboard (like cereal boxes) or craft foam. Simply cut straight across with wavy or zigzag scissors for an instant comb!

There are so many materials you can use to make your own collection of combs! And they’re fast and easy to make! Try a few and have fun making fabulous combed prints! To create monotypes with your DIY combs, simply swipe the combs through the wet paint on a Gelli® plate, cover with paper, rub to transfer the paint and pull your print. Have fun exploring different ways to create lined patterns! (For more combing ideas, see blog: “Wipe Out Monoprinting“)


FYI– Materials used to create the prints in the video:

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    Good Luck and Happy Printing!

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