Gelli® Transfer Prints!

Gelli® plates have a unique surface that allows you to pull monotypes on clear adhesive film! Watch this video and see how easy it is to do!

For this fun and easy technique you’ll need:

NOTE:  Packing tape has its size limitations. If you want to make a larger or full-size print, use cold laminating film. Clear Con-Tact paper will also work, but it’s not as “clear” or shiny as tape or laminating film.

Here’s the process:

  • Apply acrylic paint to your Gelli® plate. Use a brayer to roll into a thin layer.
  • Use texture tools to remove areas of paint from the plate. Clear areas provide interesting collage and gilding opportunities!         
    • Foam stamps, scrapers and combs are great for removing areas of paint. Use cotton swabs to draw lines and make dots.
    • NOTE:  The print will look exactly like what is on your plate — not reversed!
    • So take your time and have fun developing the image on your plate! To add more layers, let the paint from the previous layer dry first — so the paint doesn’t lift as you add more.
  • When you’re done creating your image, allow the paint to dry completely. Yes!
    • NOTE: This technique only works when the paint is TOTALLY DRY!
  • Place packing tape — STICKY SIDE DOWN — onto the dry paint
  • Burnish to transfer paint (a bone folder is helpful). Slowly peel the film off of the plate.Voilà!

This Gelli® transfer print below is being pulled 

on cold laminating film, instead of packing tape.

What a fun way to clean your plate!

TIP:  If there are areas of paint that didn’t transfer, replace the 

tape and burnish again. If the paint was completely dry, most 

(if not all) of the paint will transfer to the tape.

At this point, you can choose to use your Gelli® transfer tape in your journal, collage, ATC’s, cardmaking, art quilting etc.

OR… you can continue with the following steps 🙂

NEXT… Embellish your Gelli® Transfer Tape

The areas that are clear will still be sticky from the adhesive on the tape. You can use this sticky area to add further interest to your print! See some great options below!

  • Option 1: Brush Perfect Pearls (mica powder) onto the sticky areas for a fabulous effect!
    • The clear areas will become opaque and sparkle with a metallic look!
  • Option 2: Metal leaf will also adhere to the clear sticky areas. 
    • TIP:  Keep metal leaf away from your Gelli® plate to avoid loose and flyaway bits from sticking to it 🙂
  • Option 3: You can also add collage elements under the print to peek through the paint. Text adds a great layered look!

Remember, the shiny side of the tape is the print (right) side. You’ve been embellishing the back!

If the tape is too shiny for your taste, lightly sand the surface with an extra-fine grit sandpaper to make it more matte.

Gelli® Transfer Film prints make great additions to art journal pages, collage, ATC’s, cards, art quilts, paintings … and other mixed media projects!

This is a fun and easy technique! Try it!!!

For more information on this technique, please take a look at the previous blog titled “Gild the Gelli!”

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Good Luck and Happy Printing!

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