When Gelli® Meets MagicStamps™

… good things happen. (including a giveaway!)

Maybe you’ve already discovered some of the amazing things you can do with MagicStamp™ moldable foam stamps. Such great stuff! But if you haven’t explored the design potential in these versatile blocks — you’re in for a ton of fun using them to create your own unique patterned Gelli® prints!

These foam blocks are heat-moldable, which means when you warm the surface of the foam with a heat gun and quickly press into a textured object, the block will mold to that texture and retain the impression. Voila! Instant stamp!

Don’t like the impression you got? No problem! Just reheat the block and the foam will return to it’s original smooth surface. You can use a block over and over — or decide, like I often do, that a block is a keeper. I have favorite patterned foam blocks I’ve been using for years! Here’s a few of my faves …. I love them!

Potential stamp textures are all around us! Things like burlap, lace, buttons, doilies, cheesecloth, feathers, leaves, shells, cut crystal, paper clips, string, rubber bands, rubber stamps and stencils can create great MagicStamp images.

The foam surface is quite sensitive and will hold surprising detail. Relatively shallow textures will work best.

You’ll find your favorite stamp textures. Here’s mine:

I like to draw patterns with a hot glue gun to be used as a mold. Many of my hot glue designs are drawn onto coffee filters or medium-weight Pellon interfacing. I began using these porous substrates years ago as a way of making molds for creating deeply debossed handmade paper. But that’s another story 🙂

The point being, I have a collection of original, durable, dimensional patterns drawn with hot glue. Perfect for making into stamp images!

To create the glue design, simply draw with hot glue on a substrate, such as paper, cardstock or chipboard.

If you’d rather not draw freehand, or like to plan ahead, you can start with a line drawing on paper or chipboard, and follow that as your guide while using the hot glue gun.

Let the glue COOL before the next step!

Using a heat gun, heat the surface of the MagicStamp for about 30 seconds. Immediately press the foam block firmly into the glue pattern and hold for around 20 seconds.

That’s it! Easy peasy. A new custom stamp! Very cool. Especially for those of you who want a new stamp … and want it NOW.

Here’s where the real fun begins! The gel printing plate and foam stamps are perfect partners.

Simply follow this easy printing process:

  1. Apply a thin layer of acrylic paint to your gel plate with a brayer.
  2. Press your stamp(s) into the wet paint. (Stamping will remove paint and reveal a negative of the image.)
  3. Cover the painted Gelli® plate with paper. Gently smooth your hands over the paper to transfer the paint.
  4. Pull your print off the plate. That’s it!

Keep in mind, the recessed areas of your MagicStamp are what will become the printed image!

And remember — while you have wet paint on your foam block — this IS a stamp :). Have a piece of paper or fabric handy to stamp the paint off! I often use deli paper for this purpose (dry waxed paper). This is also where I roll excess paint off my brayer. By the end of the printing session, I have a few more fabulous and colorful complex printed pieces!

Keep layering images: Use multiple colors, combine your Magicstamps with other texture tools on the same plate, include masks! Build up your printed images. Go anywhere your imagination takes you. It’s so much fun!!!

Images from hot glue patterns are perfect for additional embellishment.

Add stitching, writing, doodling, collage, beads, etc. to your prints!

(These doodles were done with Sharpie Water-Based Paint Pens — which write smoothly over acrylic paint!)

And then there’s clean up.

While printing, you can toss your paint-covered stamps in a container of water and wipe them off later with paper towels. The manufacturer suggests washing them with soap and water.

Honestly, I don’t usually bother with that. After I’ve stamped the wet paint off onto paper, I toss them aside and clean later with a dollop of gel hand sanitizer. They clean up just fine.

True confessions … sometimes ‘later’ is after I’ve used the stamps over many printing sessions — without cleaning them. Then, at some point, when the stamps are caked with dried paint, I get out the Purell and gently scrub with a paper towel or soft toothbrush until they’re practically good as new.

Looking for MagicStamp foam? Can’t wait to try it? You’ll find it at numerous sources on the Internet, including Dharma Trading Co., Artistcellar, and Joggles — to name a few.

But WAIT!!!!!!!

I’m excited to announce … we have a GIVEAWAY!!!


Gelli® has three packages of MagicStamps to give away! 

Each package has 8 stamp blocks waiting for you to, well, — do your magic!!!

All you need to do is comment here on the blog and you’ll be entered to win! Please describe in your comment what you might like to “impress” into a MagicStamp to create your own unique stamp!

We’ll announce our 3 winners here on this blog and on our Facebook page next Monday, January 22nd!

Happy stamping! And please share your images using the stamps that YOU cook up!!! We love to see what you’re creating, so please, go ahead and post your prints on our Facebook page!!! 

Show me yours … I’ll show you mine! You can see them in the following slideshow, which features MagicStamp images on fabric! The vibrant paint is BioColor — thank you, Jane Lafazio, for telling us about it!!!

Enjoy! Thanks for watching! 

As always, your comments are appreciated!!!

100 thoughts on “When Gelli® Meets MagicStamps™”

  1. I LOOOOOVE Magic Stamp! I have several packs of the Cedar Canyon Texture templates that I would LOVE to use with this stuff. I would LOVE to win a pack of the magic stamp! I love your blog-and I love my Gelli!

  2. I fun idea to use glue to make a stamp, I would love to give that a go. These moldable stamps are a exiting idea and I think pressing tree bark into it and maybe some thin twigs might give a lovely print on my Gelli plate. I do hope I am in with a chance to win!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. I simply MUST have Magic Stamp to go with my Gelli Plate! Although I love carving my own rubber stamps, I would really like to be able to draw with hot glue (what a concept!) to make my own, original stamps. Great post, Joan, and thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway!

  4. Oh, this looks like so much fun….first off, I'd try my embossing folders, look at the fun just there! Laying down some puzzle pieces of various sizes might be fun too. Looking forward to a lot more playtime.

    1. Hi Joan – I think this is me. I am so excited because I have been wanting to try this and I just LOVE Gelli Plates.
      Maryann Davidson
      1925 South Clay St
      Denver, Colorado 80219

  5. Very cool idea using the hot glue – a technique I am most definitely going to try! I found some interesting texture plates (for fondant I think) in the cake decorating aisle at Michaels. When I saw them I didn't think of decorating a cake but immediately thought "these seem like they'd work great with the Gelli printing plate and maybe those moldable foam stamps – must have these!" Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I picked up some lotus pods the other day to use for mono printing, but I think they would make great magic foam stamps! Thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity to play!

  7. Magic stamps, another new art toy! WooHoo! I love rubber stamps so I know I would love to make my own stamps for my mono printing. Pick me, Pick Me!

  8. What a great product! The glue idea is fabulous, especially for some eastern tribal types of prints. The Ten Second Studio Kabuka molds might also work great! I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my gelli plate!

  9. Hey thanks for the shout out! glad you're enjoying the paint too. LOVE the prints you made! I've had magic stamps for a while and I feel bad that I haven't used them. You've inspired me!!

  10. I saw this technique on another blog, but for making cards. I would love to win a pack and use my texture fades from Tim Holtz and buttons, brooches and anything else I can find!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Carmen L

  11. MarveLes Art Studios

    What a terrific technique! I can't wait to try it; I will be looking around the house for new things to impress; but am thinking a stained glass lamp, for beginners! Thanks.

  12. I have magic stamps just sitting here WAITING for a new technique – this is TERRIFIC – thanks !!!

  13. I had never thought of using hot glue to make prints with so I will be giving this a go! Thank you for the idea. Does anyone know whether I can buy Gelli products in the UK please?

  14. what a fantasic product, great idea with the hot glue! I love my gellipate and am always looking for new ideas.

  15. I love the hot glue drawing idea! I think it would be fun to make some Zentangle-type doodles with the hot glue technique and then use the Magic Stamps to print.

  16. Wirg's Creative World

    I love my penscore/magic foam for making stamps. I've several pieces I've used for year and years and can't part with the image I pressed on because they were rocks from my garden before we started renovating. Brilliant stuff, I'm surprized it's not more popular!

  17. Penny L Arrowood

    WOWEEE! I have played with Magic Stamps several times, and yet it had not EVEN occurred to me to use them with my new *nearly FAV-O-RITE* tool: my GELLI plates!?! ~>:-0 This is going to be a colorful weekend!

    Thanks, too, for the 'hot glue shapes' trick! I am SO excited about playing with this! Would dearly love to win the stamps; but even if I don't: I have gotten some wonderful new ideas for enjoying this incredible printing tool — THANKS!

  18. oMG …the wheels are turning in my mind…I'd love to try this on decorative glass plate, lace, decorative curtains, scattered rice, ferns, leaves, plastic netting that some fruit and veg come in, glues down thin twine patterns, mosaic patterns etc etc…really any textured surface!

  19. Jewelry! Just the thought of using a string of pearls/strands of beads! And I will have to try the hot glue to make custom designs—love the ideas; thank you.

  20. Georgette Mitchell

    I have a headboard behind my bed that was carved in Pakistan. The details are small, ornate with a middle eastern design. This would be perfect to take impressions of different parts of the designs. Thank you for this tutorial.

  21. great post! love the idea of making my own stamps – and with hot glue too! wonderful! thanks so much…
    I have been using regular gelatin plates and they got moldy..yuk! Can't wait to try out my new Gelli plate with some rubber stamps… wood moldings, old doily collection, scraps of tatted lace… too much fun!

  22. This is fabulous….a must have! Thanks for the great review/tutorial. Sitting here next to the fireplace I wondered what the MagicStamp would look like pressed in bricks? Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  23. I was just reminded of your Gelli Arts plate, and have been watching your videos for hours. What fun. I love monoprinting, and the combo with the moldable stamps is brilliant!
    Thanks so much for doing a giveaway. I would love to win!

  24. Michele/TextileTraveler

    What a fun, fun post! Thanks so much for the great ideas. I'm inspired to head to the studio and do some printing with my Gelli plates!

  25. I would LOVE to own some Magic Stamps, I looked around where I live and could not find any. I love the example with the glue….very creative. Thanks for a chance to win = )

  26. Ta for the tip about hot glue designs! I'll have to try that! I love magic stamps! The more in my studio the better!

  27. I was thinking about trying my Geli Plate again, and this topic caught my interest. I have a small moldable stamp to try. I usually go around the house, finding all kinds of odd textures to try. Thanks for the give-away.

  28. Oh my! What to try? I am an organic kind of gal – I would probably go outside and see what I could find in the back meadow: leaves, flowers, vines that kind of thing. I would have to try the hot glue also – I NEVER would have thought of that on my own! Thanks for the tip!

  29. Sharon S. Newby

    I have never seen this before. I pick up things with texture where ever I go. I just got a large shell from Barbados on my cruise right after Christmas. It's a flat piece and I think it will work well. Oh I hope I win…:)

  30. Michelle Turbide, an artist on a soul journey

    I would love to try this with different kinds of metal. I'm thinking metal wheels or cogs that have interesting round shapes. such great ideas!

  31. artworkbysharon

    I have never seen this before, but must say I am very curious to try it! The colors and textures are very exciting. I teach workshops for children and young adults about printmaking without a press. To be able to use this product in my workshops would be fabulous!

  32. … And the winners of our MagicStamp giveaway are …

    1. Maryann (comment #5)
    2. Marshaleith (Cool Quilting)
    3. NancyKefko

    Congratulations! Have fun pairing MagicStamps with your Gelli plate! Hope you'll share your stamp images on our Facebook page!

    Thanks everyone! You offered such creative ways to make your own stamp impressions using MagicStamps!!! I've made a list of your fabulous ideas! Can't wait to try them! What a treasure-trove of cool ideas!!! Total inspiration!!!

    Winners – please send your shipping address to joan@gelliarts.com.

  33. vermillionterrapin

    I actually bought my Gelli plate a while back. I thought my daughter would love it, but she had no interest. And I have yet to play with it. Seeing this post got me thinking that using Magicstamps on man hole covers would be cool.

    In an older section of my town there are these strange man hole cover like things in the corners of the sidewalks. There are many and they all feature different animals. Anyway it would be fun to use with the Magicstamps. It would also be great to press the foam against various other brass plaques around town.

  34. These magic stamps look like to much fun! I am working to become better friends with my Geli plate. these stamps would be inspirational.

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