Fine Art

The Painterly Monotype

One of the many exciting advantages of the Gelli® gel printing plate is how simple it is to create a painterly monotype without a press!  This video shows how to create a painterly monotype using a reference photo under your plate!    Here’s the info … and some tips: 1. Place your reference drawing or …

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Something Borrowed

Do you love old paper — fragile book pages, vintage maps, crumbling sheet music, brittle newspaper — and such? And how about flimsy tissue paper — and delicate Japanese papers? They can add character, texture, dimension and intrinsic meaning to artwork. But if you want to monoprint on these papers, you’ll find they might not …

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Gild the Gelli®

To “gild the lily” is to unnecessarily add adornment to something that is already beautiful and perfect. Simply put, you’re overdoing it.   To gild the Gelli® … Well, that’s a different story!!! More is more! Let’s glitz it up!   There are lots of ways to add a sparkly metallic touch to your Gelli® …

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