Image Transfer Kraft Goodie Bags with Gelli® Artist Giovanna Zara

Hello everyone, Giovanna here with an easy craft project where you create a bunch of colorful goodie bags or little mini tree decorations out of cheap kraft paper and book pages: these are perfect to hold little gifts and gift cards. Kraft paper is also very suitable to make some magazines resist transfer, an effect that is always very pretty to look at.

Enjoy the video ☺


  1. Spread some blobs of acrylic paint on the 8×10” Gelli® plate with a brayer
  2. Add texture (if you like) and pull a print on kraft paper
  3. Add a second layer with gold or white acrylic paint
  4. Lay the Gelli Arts® Peacock stencil and pull a print on the same kraft paper (TIP: to get the most vibrant colours, especially if you are using transparent or metallic paint, pull a print with white acrylic paint first)
  5. Fold the kraft paper paper in three, slightly overlapping on the back to make the bag
  6. Fold at the bottom, open it up and cut out the sides
  7. Glue the bottom and use some masking tape to close the bag’s back
  8. Cut out the bag’s flap from a book page
  9. Adhere the flap to the bag’s back
  10. Add a closure with paper circles and brads


2 thoughts on “Image Transfer Kraft Goodie Bags with Gelli® Artist Giovanna Zara”

  1. Fabulous bags Giovanna. I have some cheap kraft paper that I hardly use because it doesn’t work well with a lot of medium, so I will give this definitely a try.
    Thank you so much for the great tutorial, stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.😍❤️

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