Decorating Candles with Gelli Arts® Gel Printed Tissue Paper by Marsha Valk

Hi there! It’s Marsha here today with a fun home decor project to get you in the mood for the holiday season.

Have you ever tried decorating candles with tissue paper? If yes, have you ever tried decorating them with gel printed tissue paper?

Let me show you how I do it in this video:

In the video, I decorate battery-operated LED wax candles. I feel that this is the safest option, though it is possible to use regular candles instead. 

If you decide to use regular pilar candles, you need to make sure you take the necessary precautions. Always keep an eye on the burning candle. Don’t give it a chance to burn all the way up to the tissue paper. It’s paper, after all!

Bear in mind that you need oil (baby or vegetable) to clean your plate whenever you want to change colours and when you’ve finished your gel printing session.

Some colours can stain your plate permanently. However, the discolouration doesn’t affect any future gel printing. If you suspect the staining will bother you, I suggest you dedicate one of your gel plates for working with stamping and alcohol inks. 

You can decorate your candles with any design you desire. Personalised candles will make great gifts for your loved ones too!

Have fun creating your decorated candles!



Gelli Arts® 5″x7″ Gel Printing Plate

Gelli Arts® 4″ Student Brayer


Stamping ink (StazOn)

Foam stamps (by Nathalie Kalbach for ArtFoamies)

Tissue paper

Scrap paper

Stencils by StencilGirl® Products


LED candles (Flameless battery operated real wax)

Wax paper

Heat tool

Oil (vegetable or baby oil)


Michael’s Stores

Blick Art Materials

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  1. Watched your video and thought these would make wonderful Christmas gifts for my teenage granddaughters. A question… can other inks besides StazOn work with this project?

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