Collage with Gelli Arts® Gel Prints by Marsha Valk


Hi there! Happy New Year! It’s Marsha here today!


One of the questions the Gelli Arts® artists get asked a lot is:


‘What do you do with your gel printed papers?’


My answer is that if I don’t have a specific purpose for it in mind, it can go in one of two




1. Prints on medium to thick paper can be turned into journals, cards, ATCs or become a base for mixed media art.


2. Prints on thin paper are… collage fodder!


Of course, you can collage with all kinds of papers (and even fabric).


However, I tend to work in journals, and with prints on thin papers, I can apply lots of layers without adding a lot of bulk to my pages. 



My favourites are tissue paper, copy paper, book paper, recycled envelopes, thin paper bags, rice paper and deli paper.


Watch the video to see me use the new Gelli Arts® Journal kit to print new collage material to add to my stash, plus create a page in the journal included in the kit:


In the video, you can see me pull a magazine resist transfer print on tissue paper. This is a technique that sometimes takes a lot of trial and error.


Adding a drop of glazing liquid (you can use any extender or retarder for this) to the paint could increase your chances of success. The extender makes sure the paint doesn’t dry before you can place the tissue paper on the plate.



I also love using thin gel printed paper for collage because it’s easy to cut and tear into shapes.


If you want to have more control of where your rice or tissue paper tears, you can paint a line with a wet brush, and you’ll be able to pull the paper apart along that line.



My favourite adhesives for collage are matte medium and glue stick; however, there are many (other) options and brands.


Try a couple adhesives to find out what you like best!


The rule of thumb is to use thin adhesive for thin paper and thick adhesive for thick paper.


Make sure your collage is dry before you cut away the excess paper from the edges of your substrate.


Happy collaging! Please share your gel print collages with us on Instagram using the hashtag #gelliartsmade. We would love to see them!






  • Gelli Arts® Journal Kit, including:
    • 5×7″ Gelli Arts® printing plate
    • 4″ Roller
    • 5×7″ Gelli Arts® Circle Stencil
    • Bubble wrap
    • Punchinella 
    • Eyelash Yarn
    • Hahnemühle Sketch Booklet 6×8″ Journal for printing
  • Acrylic paint
  • Thin paper: copy paper, tissue paper, thin paper bags, rice paper 
  • Scissors
  • Brushes
  • Matte medium 

Optional: glossy magazine pages, cut-outs


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