Alice in Wonderland Mini Album in Embroidery Hoop with GelliArts® by Giovanna

Hello everyone, Giovanna here! Today I’ll be showing you how to build a cute mini album inside an embroidery hoop from scratch, Alice in Wonderland theme. 

I love that you can get a one of kind gel print in no time; rolling some paint and pulling a print, but lately I discovered the joy to let paint dry and take your time to pull a print with gorgeous details. I hope you enjoy the video ☺



  • Roll out a small blobs of acrylic paint on the plate 
  • Lay your favourite stencils on the plate
  • ‘Clean’ the plate by pulling a print on copy paper
  • Laying the stencils in place sponge acrylic paint through the gaps
  • Lift the stencils and let it dry
  • Pull a print on good cardstock
  • Trace and cut out some circles out of the print using the embroidery hoop as template
  • Adhere some magazine snippets or scrapbook images to the pages
  • Bind the pages together with bits of washi tape or a ring



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8 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland Mini Album in Embroidery Hoop with GelliArts® by Giovanna”

  1. This is an amazing project. I have shared it on Facebook because I think it is so good. Thanks for sharing with us.

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