6 Cards in 30 Minutes with Gelli Arts® by Mansi Bhatia

Hi everyone!

It’s Mansi with another process video on how to use your Gelli Arts® plate to create some amazing cards. To be precise: 6 cards in under 30 minutes!

I used rainbow colors, a 5×7″ gel plate, a stencil and pre-cut, pre-scored top-folding cardstock for this project. I’ll take you through the steps in the video but also scroll down to see still images of the cards and a recap of the technique I used. 


Card 1

Background created by using seven colors of distress inks. You can use any ink pads you have. I like that the distress ink pads also let me achieve a watercolor look, so I reached for those. For this simple yet very vibrant background, I dabbed the ink pads directly on the gel plate in rainbow order, placed my pre-cut, pre-scored top-folding A2 cardstock, massaged it gently and pulled a print. 

All in all it took a minute to make this unique background print. Next, I took a flower stencil and placed it on top of this background. I used a sponge to dab on some ColorShift acrylic paint (the color changes from violet to blue), added outlines with Sakura glaze and glitter pens, and stuck a sentiment “Overthinking of You” on the top.

Card 2

I used the same dabbing technique as for card 1, but after dabbing on the inks, I used my brayer to blend the colors. Don’t overdo it, though, else the whole print will be nothing but a dull shade of brown. Rolling the brayer over the colors mixes the inks together and gives a more muted print. 

I then used the same flower stencil and applied white gesso with a sponge in the openings. I then used my navy blue Derwent Inktense pencil to create a “shadow” near the flowers, added some gold to the centers and stamped a “Thinking of You” sentiment. I think this would make for a great sympathy card because of its muted tones. 

Card 3

I used the same dabbing technique, using the same seven colors and in the same rainbow order. This time I placed the flower stencil the gel plate and then placed the cardstock on top to pull a print. I left the stencil on the plate. 

I then just added two sentiments and some sparkle embellishments to finish off this card.

Card 4

All I did to create this card was lift the stencil off from the plate (remember the one we left on the gel plate when we made card 3?), place the cardstock on and pull a print. 

It resulted in a beautiful soft print and all I had to do was put a sentiment strip, some glitter Nuvo drops and this card was done.

Card 5

I dabbed the ink on just like for the other four cards and used the same technique for placing the stencil on the gel plate BUT before I put the stencil on, I sprayed the inks with water. I wanted a smudgy watercolor look for these two cards and I succeeded with this card, I think. 

So, to recap, dab the inks, spray some water, place the stencil, put the cardstock on top and pull a print. I then sketched the outlines of the stencil with a black pen, stamped a “Happy Birthday” sentiment, added a sentiment strip and stuck some sparkle embellishments.

Card 6

For this card, I used the same technique as in Card 4 by lifting the stencil up and then taking a print. Because of the water the stencil print was extremely smudgy so I had to use white gesso like I did in Card 2…but that made the card look really dull. So, as a last ditch effort, I used a red glaze pen to outline the flower petals freehand and a black glaze pen for the stems. 

I then added a bold sentiment and some big pearls for the flower centers. I had thought this card would be a disaster but between this and Card 2, I don’t know which one is my favorite. 

So that’s it. These cards came together ever so quickly and easily. And I absolutely love that each one is completely different from the others. Do you have a favorite card?

I’d love for you to try this technique with your favorite stamp pads and stencils on whichever size gel plate you choose. I just find the 5×7″ gel plate to be the perfect size for A2 cards (4.25×5.5).

List of specific supplies used and where to buy: https://ldli.co/e/exzz4l

See you next time!



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4 thoughts on “6 Cards in 30 Minutes with Gelli Arts® by Mansi Bhatia”

  1. I'm not sure I can pick a favorite because each one of them has their own special appeal. I love them all and just have to pull my gel plate out to try doing this. Than you for a wonderful post!

  2. You have made such beautiful cards with such simple methods. I appreciate that you wrote out the directions, I’m one of those that doesn’t have patience to watch the video. I’m curious if you will be Attempting to show us some Christmas cards soon using gelliarts. I visualize a poinsettia or two, some trees with snow, and/or perhaps a simplistic nativity scene or a silhouette of one. Thank you!

  3. j adore sincerement votre travail, j attends de nouvelles idées , ca me fait tellement de bien merci

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