Pattern Printing With The New Diamond Gelli Arts® Mini Printing Plate

Hi there! It’s Marsha here today. Have you seen the NEW Gelli Arts® Mini Printing Plate Set? The printing plate set includes three different shapes, including an octagon, a quatrefoil, and a diamond!

I love to print all kinds of patterns, and this trio is perfect for creating lots of new and fun ones!

Because the possibilities are endless, I’m going to share with you a few of the options for creating continuous patterns with just the diamond mini printing plate.

I like to mount my mini printing plates onto acrylic stamping blocks. In the video, I’m printing on A4 sized drawing paper and using a variety of different pigment inks.

While some of the pigment inks are fast drying, most take a lot longer to dry. The upside to this is that you can take advantage of the longer open time and heat emboss part of the designs you print.

The downside is that the ink can smudge when it’s not completely dry. You can speed up the drying process with a heat tool. For the best results, also make sure your ink pads are juicy, so re-ink if needed.

All of the inks and colors I used to print with seemed to have a translucent result. So be mindful of that translucent quality when you are working in layers. The colors and textures that are already on the print will shine through any additional layers.

In between prints you can clean the pigment inks off your mini printing plate with a damp cloth or a baby wipe.

Stamping inks may stain your printing plates, however, that will not affect the performance of the plate.

I suggest you clean the plate with a drop of baby oil once your printing session is over. I found that it got rid of all the discolorations the pigment ink left on my diamond shaped plate.

Don’t forget to use all of your favorite texture tools while printing patterns. You can work tone-on-tone, with layers of slightly different tones of color, or you can go for bold contrasts.

I can’t wait to see what continuous patterns you can come up with! Please share your artwork with us on Instagram using #GelliArts

Happy pattern printing!


-NEW Gelli Arts® Mini Gel Printing Plates – Octagon, Quatrefoil, and Diamond
-Paper – A4 8.3”x11.7”
-Pigment Ink
-Acrylic Stamping Block
-Lace Trim
-Rubber Stamps – Art by Marlene for Studio Light: Background nr. 10, Flower nr. 5

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Philadelphia, PA All rights reserved.

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