Wipe Out Monoprinting

Create unique monotypes by wiping paint OFF your Gelli® plate. Watch this fun video to see some great effects you can achieve using the fabulous new Catalyst Wedge tools for printing with Gelli®!

This is a subtractive, or negative, method of monoprinting. That means you start by applying paint to your plate — and remove some by wiping it off to create your image.

Combs and scrapers can create an exciting variety of highly individual mark-making resulting in original and unique Gelli® prints.

Wiping combs and scrapers across the Gelli® plate is a fast and easy way to create dynamic patterns. I’m using Catalyst Wedges, made by the Princeton Brush Co., for these techniques — and they work beautifully! I am loving these tools!

In case you’re not familiar with the new Catalyst Wedges — they’re made of silicone and ergonomically designed to fit in your hand. Fun to use. Easy to wipe clean … and dried paint peels right off.  How perfect!

And did you notice that the prints in this video are created on our NEW biggest Gelli® plateYES!  That plate is 12″x14″ — so for those of you who are looking for a larger Gelli experience … it’s now available 🙂

To make your print:

  1. Apply paint to your Gelli® plate and roll it out with a brayer. Using several analogous colors can give your print added interest.
  2. Swipe the comb tools into all kinds of patterns. Use a scraper tool and remove some of the paint to make your marks. Be spontaneous and have fun!
  3. Cover your painted plate with paper. Rub to transfer the paint — and pull your print.


Layer comb lines in different and crisscross directions to create complex patterns!

Layer one wiped print over another!

Comb into the paint before you add stencils and masks for another element of pattern in your prints. Love that!

Easy! Fun! And totally addicting!

And since we’re talking about wiping out … let’s not forget the ubiquitous pencil eraser! It’s a perfect tool for making dots! Just press into the paint and it will leave a nice round mark! Try it! Cotton swabs also do the trick 🙂

Wiping paint off the plate creates prints with areas that are perfect for working back into. It’s fun to doodle in the blank areas!

Write journal entries along the swirly combed lines! Add collage elements!

Fill in wiped out areas with watercolors, sprays, Distress Stains and more! The acrylic paint will act as a resist. (See blog: Are We There Yet — for ideas and info!)

So many possibilities!

This Contest is officially CLOSED

Eager to get your hands on these fabulous state-of-the-art new Catalyst Wedges?

Here’s a truly AMAZING GIVEAWAY to get you wiping out print designs like crazy!

And hey, who says the number 13 is unlucky???!!! Not us!

THIRTEEN! — yes, 13 — lucky winners will be selected at random to each win a set of three (3) new Catalyst Wedges.


ONE lucky GRAND PRIZE WINNER will ALSO win a 6×6 Gelli plate in addition their set of 3 Catalyst Wedges. *GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED*


To enter to win all you need to do is leave a comment here on the blog….

**If you announce our giveaway on YOUR blog or Facebook page, your name will be entered TWICE — doubling your chance to win! Just make sure we know you’ve done it 🙂**

This Contest is officially CLOSED 

A HUGE Gelli thanks to the wonderful Princeton Brush Co. for contributing their ultra-cool wedges to our blog giveaway!

The winners will be announced on (this Friday – November 23rd, 2012) here on the blog … and by Nancy on the Gelli Arts Facebook page.

Good Luck! And Happy Printing!

237 thoughts on “Wipe Out Monoprinting”

  1. I'm just completely overwhelmed! Wooooot!!! Wooot!!
    I'm right now making a special Joint Art Journal for one of my grandkids for a xmas pressie and for the page-backgrounds – OF COURSE I use the Gelli!!
    Having a ton of fun!!
    I actually went to the homepage for the Catalyst wedges only to find they didn't ship to me – and now I have won!

    *does extremely silly happy dance*

    Best regards from Eva Mari in Norway 😀

  2. Love my Gelli Plate! The catalyst Wedges are JUST what I've been looking for. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.


  3. im entering because i would love one of these just hope the offer extends to australia , we usually miss out lol

    thanks so much

  4. Ooh, I already have two of the Princeton wedges and can definitely recommend them, they ROCK! I simply love all of your technique videos so far, and would be delighted to win — these are fabulous prizes! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and the giveaway! –Mina

  5. This is a subtractive, or negative, method of monoprinting. That means you start by applying paint to your plate — and remove some by wiping it off to create your image.

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  7. Wow this is amazing, I would love to have a go, I am searching for uk stockists right away, I can think of endless things to do with this, my daughter starts gcse art next term and she would love it too! Elaine

  8. I just love using my jelly plate! Makes some very interesting textures. The only problem is I am not getting my housework done because I'm having too much fun!

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